Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Vacation borrowing

Short Loan books needed for the Christmas break?

We need to keep one copy of all Short Loan Collection books here for the vacation so that people who stay in Oxford have access to the whole collection.  However, you CAN take Short Loan items if there are two copies of the item that you need on the shelf.  From Friday morning, 2nd December, duplicated Short Loan books will be available for loan until Friday 13th January (Week 0).  You will need to bring two copies of the book you want to the library counter to prove that there’s a spare to leave on the shelf.  There’s usually a bit of a rush, so come early if you want to take one of the “doubles” available. 

You will need to be here in person if you want to do this; you may not just renew online a Short Loan that you have already borrowed. Don’t despair if there is only a single copy left on Friday morning.  By Saturday (we’re open 10am till 1pm), all two day Short Loans will have to have been returned and often you can harvest a "double” on the Saturday.

If you hadn’t already realised, week-loan books and all sheet music and scores can now be taken out for the vacation and will be due back on the 17th January (Tuesday of Week 1).


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