Friday, 16 September 2011


Another big development over the summer has been the implementation of a new integrated library system. The most noticeable thing from a reader’s perspective is that OLIS has disappeared. SOLO now provides the only public access to our catalogues and has been adjusted to accommodate the new Aleph database that now holds our bibliographic data. It has also been developed to include the circulation and patron functions formerly included in OLIS so it will no longer be necessary to change systems to check the availability of a book, to reserve or renew an item or to place a stack request. All these functions are now accessible from within SOLO. 

As well as the public-facing side of the system, all the behind-the-scenes functionality has changed for circulation, acquisitions, cataloguing and stack requests so please be patient with staff while we get up-to-speed with the new software. 

Click here for help on using the new SOLO.


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